Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Lodi, NJ

Root canal is a dental treatment that repairs badly infected teeth. Modern root canal treatment doesn’t cause any pain due to new and innovative techniques. The treatment involves disinfecting and removing all the infected tooth tissue (nerve) in-order to save the healthy tooth structure.

So what can you expect during a root canal treatment?

At the day of root canal treatment Dr Liao or Dr Lee will examine x-ray’s to determine the extent of the treatment. The patient will then be given local anesthesia so there will be no discomfort during the procedure. Dr Liao or Dr Lee will then proceed to remove and clean the infected tooth tissue. The entire root canal process can take between one and two visits.

After a root canal is completed, it is very important to have a crown or a “cap” placed onto the repaired tooth. This way, the treated tooth will be protected by a crown.

If you are not sure if root canal is the treatment of choice for you, please feel free to contact us to set up a free consultation for find out more about your treatment options.