Sedation Dentistry in Lodi, NJ

Sedation Dentistry Lodi, NJ

We want to make your dental visit as comfortable as we can!

We all know that dental procedures can be stressful and many people are fearful of dental procedures and experience anxiety before/during their visit. So to make your visit more enjoyable and relaxing, Dental Associates of Lodi offers nitrous sedation (laughing gas).

Under nitrous sedation, you’ll be able to hear, see and respond to the action taking place around you in the dental office, but the “laughing gas can take the edge away from the seat. You will be less likely to experience any anxiety from it. This also reduces your sense of pain!

Dr Liao and Dr Lee will work with you to determine which method is the safest choice for you. Please call us if you any questions about sedation dentistry. Once you and your dentist decide to use nitrous (laughing gas) sedation for your next appointment, you will need to make some preparations:

•     Make sure your dentist knows about any medical conditions that you may have because your health history can affect your before-and-              aftercare plans
•     We recommended you should not eat or drink anything six hours prior to your appointment unless directed by your dentist
•     Be prepared to take time off from work following your appointment
•     Be sure to stay hydrated and drink lots of fluids following your appointment