TMJ Treatment in Lodi, NJ

TMJ Treatment Lodi, NJ

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TMD, or temporomandibular joint disorder, is a complicated disease. If left untreated, it often progresses. Eventually, TMD can cause permanent damage to the jaw and its supporting structures. In its early stages, though, TMD can often be halted or even reversed.

Causes of TMD

Think of the temporomandibular joint as a sort of sliding hinge between your skull and your jawbone. It is heavily cushioned by cartilage and discs, and operation is normally smooth and easy. When it is out of alignment, though, TMD or temporomandibular disorder  can result.

There are many different causes of TMD, including anxiety and stress, jaw trauma, hormonal fluctuations and misaligned teeth. In many people, misaligned teeth is often the root cause of TMJ disorder.. Regardless of the cause, though, the misalignment of the joint causes pressure, pain, and popping as the top and bottom jaws attempt to work together.

TMD Symptoms

No two people experience TMD in exactly the same way. This can make it difficult to diagnose the disorder solely based on symptoms. However, there are several hallmarks that warrant a thorough evaluation for TMJ:

Shifting of teeth

Pain on chewing

Difficulty fully opening or closing the mouth due to jaw lockup


Generalized facial pain


Jaw pain

Popping, clicking, or grating sounds from the jaw

Treating TMD

Since everyone’s experience with TMD is slightly different, successful treatment must be personalized to the individual patient. The goal is to relax the jaw and gently realign the bite. Common treatments include, but are not limited to:

Orthodontic to align or straightening teeth


Bite splint

Physical therapy

Functional reconstruction

Other specialized treatments

After thoroughly examining you, we will work hard to craft a customized treatment plan that meets your unique needs. We work with many specialists in our area to address all of the relevant issues. You may need to have several visits with us and our colleagues, depending on the complexity of your case.

Home Remedies

If you have a very mild case of TMJ, you may find relief from home remedies. For most patients, though, we will recommend home care alongside in-office procedures. Home remedies for TMJ include, but are not limited to:

Soft diet at first, with harder to chew foods gradually reintroduced

No chewing gum or ice

Ice packs

Over the counter medications

Intentional jaw relaxation exercises

TMJ is a very personal condition, and a treatment that is successful for one patient may be entirely wrong for the next. As TMJ tends to worsen over time and can eventually cause permanent damage, it is important to seek proper care as soon as possible. When caught early, TMJ need not affect your life.

If you have any questions about your TMJ disorder, please feel free to call us to set up a free consultation with Dr Liao and Dr Lee. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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