Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Lodi, NJ

Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Lodi, NJ

Dental Associates of Lodi provides wisdom teeth extractions in Lodi, NJ. Call (862) 247-8030 to schedule your appointment.

When you need to have wisdom teeth removed, it's important to find a qualified oral surgery practice like Dental Associates of Lodi. Although wisdom teeth extractions are routine for most oral surgeons, there's always a potential for complications. With Dr. Steven Liao's years of experience and extensive training, you can feel good knowing you're getting the very best care possible.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth begin forming in the mouth around the age of 7, but they don't emerge until we're in our late teens or early twenties. The very last set of molars we get, they erupt on both sides of the upper and lower jaw. In most cases, wisdom teeth emerge with issues:

  • They are prone to cavities and gum disease because of their location in the mouth.
  • They emerge at an angle, which causes misalignment, crowding, and bite problems.
  • They are fully- or partially-impacted.

What Does It Mean When a Wisdom Tooth Is Impacted?

All or some of your wisdom teeth may be impacted. This means that the teeth are either partially or completely trapped in the jaw bone or gum tissue. When wisdom teeth are impacted, it can be incredibly painful. Impacted wisdom teeth are at high risk of infection and dental caries; patients with impacted wisdom teeth experience soreness, headaches, and jaw problems. Because of this, it's important to address impacted wisdom teeth as soon as possible.

What Happens During Wisdom Teeth Extractions?

We will administer local anesthesia to numb the area where your wisdom teeth will be removed. In complicated cases, like impacted teeth, or when patients have dental anxiety, we can also provide sedation options, including nitrous oxide, conscious oral sedation, and IV sedation for your comfort. Wisdom teeth that are fully emerged are just a matter of simple tooth extraction, while impacted wisdom teeth require incisions in the soft tissue and sometimes even the removal of jaw bone.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions Cost

The Dental Associates of Lodi makes it affordable to remove your wisdom teeth. We start by offering a complimentary consultation, where we assess your unique situation and come up with a plan for extraction and anesthesia. You can work with our financial coordinator to discuss payment options.

Our payment options include:

  • Dental Insurance – Many dental insurance companies offer wisdom teeth extraction benefits that cover up to 60%-80% of the treatment cost.
  • Medical Insurance - In the case of complicated wisdom teeth extractions, your medical insurance provider may cover some or all of the cost.
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) – Many flexible spending account companies allow you to set aside $2,500 of pre-tax dollars to pay for wisdom tooth removal.
  • Payment Plans – Dental Associates of Lodi offers various flexible and affordable monthly payment plans.

If you are in Paramus, Maywood or Rutherford and would like to schedule a free wisdom tooth extraction consultation, contact our Dental Associates of Lodi today at (862) 247-8030.